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right view 03:27
We don't wanna rock the boat But we're living all kind of ways What did they do before the soap Before they came up with the holidays Oh, it makes me wanna holla holla Look at stars or something We're so lethargic It shouldn't make sense So, I'm agnostic I lost my patience For the commentary Call me atheist  I wanna party I wanna celebrate What you know, I know And I know I don't know See, what we know don't mean a thing If we don't know our heart Let's get back to our start That's the hardest part I'm a mortal man Just a mortal man Sunshine on your face Beauty so intricate I see your infinite power This time can't be replaced So, I will enter it This is our intimate hour.
Why is everything so black and white? With enough peace and love We won't have to fight Aren't you tired of having nightmares? Cause I'm weary I say, let's sleep when we're dead At least in theory Man, I'm serious And I'm curious to know If I go Would you go with me? Raindrops, the raindrops, they fall all on my head Raindrops to teardrops, I swear that's why I'm red Teardrops for fear cops will use what I have said Will you conspire with a liar? I'm not that bad though People get tired of going through backdoors Just to get served Won't you look at the nerve? (Dot Dot Dot Dot) Door of no return (Dot Dot Dot Dot) Working hard without the earnings (Dot Dot Dot Dot) Praise our God or burn (Dot Dot Dot Dot) Will we ever learn? I doubt it But me and you don't have to subjugate ourselves to this No more No more Come on We gotta get out We gotta get out of here.
right speech 05:43
Oh rain, go away I keep fallin Fallin in love New city callin But I'm callin it bluff I keep fallin Fallin in love Now that I'm all in How I keep fallin? Fallin in love I heard she was beautiful Like heaven above And now I see all of her imperfect stuff And I'm not complaining But I gotta say this here Dear Tony! Toni! Toné! you lied to me Cause it rains in the City of Angels You know you're beautiful when you don't rain L.A., you know you're beautiful when you don't rain When we made love It was everything I'd ever dreamed Now, I've had enough I'll never have to hear another scream Cause you fill me with More than the average And I run to it I run to your door And you leave it open Everybody wants your time And you give it to me Tell me, how did I How did I get so lucky? You'll be my girl forever This girl is everything I'll ever need She'll carry my seed And I'll provide everything she ever dreamed Gonna make it hard Make it so hard for her to ever leave I'll make her smile every day Her body will feel the pleasure in every place And every night, I'll kiss her face Let her know That no matter what, she'll never be replaced We'll rule the world together Nobody ever told me life was fair Said I was a fool cause I put these wishes in the air But I don't care They can call me lucky Cause she says she loves me Gone head, call me lucky You can call me lucky But you can't call her ugly Cause she says she loves me That's why I'm so lucky, yeah You can call me lucky But you can't call her ugly, nope Yeah, she says she loves me Now, I know I'm lucky.
right action 02:59
Mommy, don't cry no more Don't cry no more Cause Daddy gone die for sure We all die for sure Brother, get high for sure You'll fly for sure Sister, we tried for sure We all tried for more Lovers, make room for whores We're all doomed to score They play our tunes in stores In high schools with s'mores So brother, get high for sure You'll fly for sure Yeah, brother, get high for sure You'll fly for sure.
Yeah, and I was almost there Like, I was about to get on a plane No, for real, like, I was really about to go to L.A. And just go for it, you know Then, but then I had a job, you know So I had to, you know, stay Y'all don't believe me, hunh I'm for real man Man, whatever, whatever man That's cool No, I can’t go back What we could have been If we had only known That fate was in our hands When we just went along We all said we’d be something when we’d grown But now we’re looking back Reaping what we’ve sown What we could have seen If we had only gone We should’ve made some plans We should’ve sang our songs We should’ve sang our songs Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do I wonder Can I still go? No, I can’t go back Can I still go? I know I can’t go back But, can I still go? I know I can’t go back Can I still go? I know I can’t go back But, you can still go Yeah, you can still go See, we can’t go back Yeah, but we can still go.
Grown man talking, listen up I ain't never met a man who been kissed enough Might learn a little something bout pimpin Tossed my keys to the valet (I used to be a valet) Just drove into Hollywood from The Valley (And I lived up in The Valley) Damn this traffic in Cali (Stay away from The 405) But shhh, I'm bout to kick it like I'm Pele (Make sure to kick it like you livin) First chick I see look like she chose me And I'm totally feeling like Goldie Pimp these heaux And so I take her to the side of Loews And I teach her how to claim the pole position Not like those old positions Gotta keep her heart beating like an old physician (Please don't) Don't blame her cause she fell in love (Blame her) Everybody wants to check into the jail of love (Don't you blame that girl) So, I told her I was running late And I kissed her on the forehead She felt like it was her obligation To give me some more head I said, baby we'll meet again if it's in our cards But my meeting can't start without me And now I'm running stairs cause the escalator's stuck My partner's texting my phone Like everything's gone amuck I type a text in my phone And tell him I'm gonna run And then a voice comes along And tells me I dropped my gum Oh, thank you You're such a pretty surprise to my eyes I think I'm willing to die on your thighs She asked me if I got time tonight Cause tomorrow she going back to Eritrea Now, I gotta see her (Please don't) Don't blame me cause I fell in love (Blamer) Everybody wants to check into the jail of love (Don't you blame me girl) Seems like everybody single wanna be locked up So, gone ahead and (Lock me up) Lock me up (And throw away the key) Throw it away Cause she's all I need.
I got my eye on you But can you take an I.O.U.? I know this chick named Sallie I met her on the scene I thought she was so caring But she was a groupie Frontin, cause I can't afford her services That I didn't intend on No, I didn't intend on Being a fiend But now, I'm clean Cataract gone, yeah, now I see Cadillac zone in all my dreams But she stay phonin me Moanin Talking bout how I'm owin And it keep growin She think she controllin me But before I hang up Well, I tell her, Yeah, I tell her this here I'm a be a star one day These days, I sit here and try to decide If I should go back to 9 to 5 Won't you come rescue me Free me from industry You've seen all my tweets Music is the same beast Music is the same Don't let me go insane They say I'm better for it But I don't wanna play this game No more Don't you ever question my love.
Yeah Come on Shoot for the stars You'll land on a cloud Don't let em tell you who you are Because it's up to you See, people can't name every star When they look up And they say, that's where we'll go They say, trust me, I know But I was born in Missouri Where we have a history Of setting out on journeys to unknowns And even they have told me They didn't show me And every man's journey is his own Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Everything you want, man, you can get it You just gotta apply yourself Everything you want, man, you can get it Why don't you try yourself? Everything I dreamed came to fruition Gave up on wishing And started doing Made a decision I gotta shoot it Like number 3 A.I. is me Siddhārtha was 29 He found it at 35 So I got time Least I think I got time Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.


I was born on August 7th, 1984 and have now reached the exact age where Siddhārtha Gautama aka The Buddha found his enlightenment (35 years and 8 months). While I am uncertain I have found it, these songs aim to describe my journey along the Noble Eightfold Path. May these vibes help light your way.


released April 7, 2020

All songs were written, produced, performed, mixed, and mastered by Erick LeHiram Richardson aka "e." for Rich Music Foundation.

℗ 2020 Rich Music Foundation


all rights reserved



eRich St. Louis, Missouri

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