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40 Hours 02:41
You say I never had a plan, so I planned to fail, An idle mind will leave you broke or you land in jail, My father said these are the best years of my life, I saw him in the hospital, I guess he was right, I wake up, keep hitting the snooze, Dreaming of when I'll break out, Told myself I'm gone eat better food, And I keep ordering take out, I wake up, fruit, bacon, and eggs, I hit the gym, get the chest and the legs, Yep, then I hop up in the shower, Yeah, then I drive about an hour, St. Louis, LA, LA to Atlanta, Look, I'm a bring in money, baby, I'm a man up, You had me applying when I got home from shows, A hundred dollars ain't enough to make a toast, Now I know, So I put in 40 hours, Baby, I love you, So I'm working 40 hours for you, I remember coming up with TAK, All we wanted was to put our peace and love out, Look, I remember we had to dress up to just to get a listen, And singing happy birthday to girls when the club out, Got a Prius just to fit in, get in, Ain't no winter in Los Angeles baby, but my Los Angeles lady, drove me Los Angeles crazy, Word, word, word, I gotta handle it, 80, 80 degrees in January, you should sample it, yeah, That's why I stayed at the beach, I couldn't handle it baby, St. Louis, LA, LA to Atlanta, Went back to engineering, they can keep the Grammys, And that was goal number one, Yeah, least I know I had some fun, I had an indie label, no stars for you, Ran out of money quick, no cars for you, I guess a dream can be a money pit, Woke up, caught a plane, now I money get, And life ain't all about the cash but the cash keep the food coming fast in her mouth 'til she passing out, And I'm a daddy now, so I'm working 40 Hours, Baby Bella's here, She ain't never working 40 Hours for nobody.
You should've been a model, Then, it would make sense why you're (freaky), Let's roll up to Chicago, And get (freaky), Cause sometime you should feel Summertime Chi, In a boat on the lake with a boat in the sky, Get high, Ooh what, you mean to tell me you can't smoke no mo, Cause you got yourself a good ass job, I mean why they always hate on how you clear your mind, And I just wanna clear your mind, Ooh what, you mean to tell me you can't go no mo, Cause you got yourself a new ass guy, I mean why they always hate on how you spend your time, I mean, really, ain't it still your time, You've got me, Freaky in the back of the hotel lobby, Come on, Don't you remember getting freaky in the back of the hotel lobby, You say let's get a bottle, When he goes out of town, Well, YOLO is the motto, So you know I'm down, In the cold with a case of some coke and some wine, Get by.
Like You 02:48
Hey, I need my sides, I need my sides like, I need my sides like a well balanced meal, For real, What good is a fantasy, If I ain't the man you see, Look, I'll take the penalty, Cause, I like you, We're under your canopy, And you're on hands and knees, You scream like a fan of me, But, I like you, You say you wanna find a time, A time for me to bring your medication, I say the same thing every time, Look, I'll try to, I think you know I ain't got time, But you keep trying me, that's dedication, I guess we both act like our signs, Well, we got a right to, Lately, I've been needing something to vibe to, So, what you on tonight, I think I'll ride through, When I'm knee deep, I see what your eyes do, Now don't be thinking I dos, Just feel what I do when I do what I do, What is life if we can't be happy, And what is time if we can't be free, I got your number with an elevator pitch, And now I wanna delegate ya, Then maybe escalate ya, You want it faster like its Talladega, And I'm just saying baby celebrate where we're at, That's being one with nature, I need all the flavors, Cookie dough, chocolate, vanilla bean, The way you're staring at me is hella mean, Might have to dissipate this, Or at least try to.
Need It 03:45
Too young, Baby, I feel like you won't maybe like what I say, but, hey, Well, I was thinking on the subway, (Boy you always thinking on the subway) Well, I'm glad I took the subway, (What you think about this time, boy?) Cause my life gone end one day, I wonder what my friends will say, Cause they knew how I felt when I dealt with you, And this pain, She said, I know your future, I'm not in it, And I won't be stupid no mo, So gone get it, Gone get it, Gone on your own, gone get it, Gone end up by yourself, gone get it, I just need a little time, you'll find, I act just like a man round the age of 25, Yeah, it's a part of life that I have a quarter life crisis, Like this, and I know that you're gonna miss my kiss, Right then, she cried, You said you loved me, Did you mean it, Oh, I hope you're thinking of me, oh, When you'll need it, You'll get older and I'll be long gone, long gone, And you'll be on your own, You'll need it, You'll get older, I'll been have moved on, You'll still be writing your songs about me, Cause you'll need it, I can't, I can't lie, she was on my mind, Hotter than a summer night dream, Yeah, mid-summer July, My hello was her goodbye, Cause sometime ago she fell in love with a good guy, How could I, Well, that turned into, How could I propose to her, Before he proposed to her, Get close to her, Before you know it, I could say she chose, And wouldn't nobody know it, Not her kinfolk, You'll get older and I'll be long gone, long gone, And you'll be on your own, You'll need it, My heart was picking up tempo, I was so impolite, Take my sins, no, Well, least it was good for the moment, Oh, she got a white dress, They see her dimples, I got a sentence, Hope it's just 5 to 10, Come on, I take this penicillin, Hoping I could kill the pain inside, It's like it's genocide cause she was supposed to have my babies, And now, at dinner time, I'm ordering out, Arguing about the tip I'm supposed to give them without even earning it, I guess you learn to sit down, When you're tired of running around, And now I'm older, And I'm still writing my songs about you, Cause I need it.
Electric 01:14
Memories, And I'll keep writing, I gotta keep trying, Study you like Science, For your electricity, I'll sail the seven seas, You're all I ever need, You're all I ever needed, Electric, Handling your body, Never get tired, Think I know every inch, End up soaking your panties 'til they drip, Every time we plan it, We go to another planet, You can't stand my, It's insanity, And I got some jackets.
Post Office 02:40
I need these beats to get my rhymes out my head, I do this work to get my lines out the red, I do the work, man I ain't lyin, I wish a Negus could be lying in his bed, But I been waiting on this like a line at a keg, And this party's been on my calendar, Gotta catcher like Salinger, JD, what you done for me lately, I think I'm way past crazy, Bout three steps from gone, Katie, I thought she was your lady, Guess y'all not really gravy, Cause I'm taking her home, And she do everything, I didn't have to ask, And she took everything, and didn't have a mask I guess I left her with one, She know to leave when I cum, I need these beats to get my rhymes out my head, I do this work to get my lines out the red, I do the work, man I ain't lyin, Heaux on heaux on heaux on heaux on heaux, I get chose and keep these heaux on toes, No mo red spaghetti o's on clothes, Get the spinach heaux get on your boat, I'm putting in 10,000 hours, 10,000 hours, Doing the same thing everyday like the post office, I need these beats to get my rhymes out my head, I do this work to get my lines out the red, I do the work, man I ain't lyin, Maybe if I wasn't so got damn crazy, I'd be chilling how I'm making a living, Maybe if the radio would got damn play me, I'd be chillin, Instead, I'm doing the same thing everyday, And it's driving me crazy like the post office.
Limeade 06:03
I knew you then, We would spend our time, Just walking in the park, And talking bout moving overseas, But now you're far away, You would come home, You liked to party, Who doesn't like to party, Guess we met at a party, But now you're gone for days, I only ask what I'm willin' to know, But what I don't wanna know is killing me yo, You chill with me fast and then you grilling me slow, 'Was getting to know, getting to know you, But I really don't ask what I'm not ready to know, I left a message, Another message, Last message, Then, I called your best friend to tell ya, I haven't heard from ya, Please don't shoot the messenger, I knew you then, She simply cried please help me, Cause time won't tell me, This is what she said, Fourscore, two years ago, You were here, And now I'm pitiful, Cause my pillow is the physical, Replacement for your physical, This is what I said, You are so critical, Looking through my camera, So analytical, See, I'm the smarter one, I know just when to go, Cause I loved you, But, there was no reciprocal, That's when she stopped and said, Well, if you ever did, Then, where's the evidence, I held no one above you, Thought you were heaven sent, You said we'd be forever, How quick forever went, You shouldn't say I love you, If it was never meant, OK, I heard you, And I understand, Now babygirl, babygirl, Won't you just listen, I took some time out, To comprehend my past, Didn't think I'd find out, That you should be my last, By last, I mean, my first, Sometimes in love it hurts, I'm glad we realized this, It could've been much worse, Let's make up right now, We're in our prime now, Our second try now, Future's so bright now, Let's try again.
Be Free 03:04
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, She said I really don't mind, I told her we'll be just fine, yeah, If more women thought like you, Then world peace would be possible, Little girls trip off of little girls, And those girls ain't Mrs., But you keep your distance, I see these girls' intentions, And they so dependent on other girls' approval, If all the girls were jumping, You'd say that ain't what you do, And I just love you for you, And I know you love me too, We just wanna be free, We just wanna be free.
I Get Up 03:36
Time to get your weekend started, Even if your work ain't done, Smiling now is mandatory, Won't you come and have some fun, I, get, I get, down, I, I get I get, I get up, What is it that makes your love, What it take to make your love, Tell me this, I'll take it up, Up to where they'll break it up, I wanna go somewhere with you tonight, Would that be alright, I gotta see your light, I wanna feel your vibes, What is it that makes your love, What it take to make your love, Tell me this, I'll take it up, Up to where they can't break it up.
Laws 03:29
I can't find the love I need, And your book is way too long, I'm struggling like a dog in heat, Got too weak to hide the bone, If I look inside of me, That is where I'll find the throne, 2000 years ago, But what about Horus, What about Ma'at, 42 laws for us, I asked her what is an Ankh, She said it was a pagan cross, And a sinner like me could live forever, Cause he paid the cost, Oh, really? Mama, mama, don't you cry, I just gotta live my life, I just go by what I see, Maybe I'll see you in heaven one day, Maybe, Jesus taught you to have faith, Yeezus taught me to be great, 1500 years ago, But what about Buddha, What about the Tao, Wish I would've known sooner, When we don't know our history, Everything becomes his story, And when you really know, That we don't really know, Is when you really know, I had to look all the way inside of me, To find all the love I really needed, Cause your book was way too long, I'm so tired of all the laws, 3 years ago, I took my freedom.
Closer 03:33
You came out for a drink, I came out for a peek, I came out just to think, Cause I've been locked in, And that's when you asked how I've been, And that's when I said I've been going with it, Maybe I should go lay down, Or maybe we should go right now, Baby we should go right now, Please stop asking me things you don't need to know, I might have everything but I need you though, Girl will you let me close to you, Anything more than this moment would be too much, Too much, You say you've just got 12 hours in town, Anything more than this moment would be, Way too much, You and me, You travel all over the world, I can meet you there.
Now You Know 03:22
Now you know anything's possible, Now you, now you know, Let's make a ball of fire, Then make it rain downtown, We'll be our own supplier, That way we won't run out, You don't see what you don't feel, And I don't eat what I don't kill, We used to grow it in a field, Now they throw it in a pill, Act right, Yeah, that's right, uhh, that's right? That can't be right, naw, Dr. Sebi told me, Dawg, that can't be right, Eat to live my brother, Eat to live my Queen, You are of this earth, And your health is King, Everybody ignorant one time, Ain't gotta be two, Everybody know what that sunshine, Feel like at noon, I sing the tune, Of the blooms, Howl with the moon, Cause she looms, I can see the vision in your eyes, Cause I am you, And you are God, And I am too, Come on, Now you know, I saw the light so I hold up the prism, Get their minds out the prison, When we're blind there's division, What you gone do now, Now that you know.
Everywhere I go, I see her, I see her dancing, Everywhere I go, I see her dancing, I go out on the town, With bout five of my homies, A hundred girls around, I see her, I see her, She looked me down, Ran her fingers through her hair, Body chocolate brown, You know I want it, And you got it, so you flaunt it, Aww, alright, I started to make my way over, I wish I could run that play over, I guess you came with somebody you know, He said it's time that you head for the door, What you don't know will hurt ya, It will hurt ya bad, You look like you'll hurt him, But I could hurt you back, Now I go out on the town, Just so I'll see you around, Girl, when I'm out on the town, I swear I see you around, I'm in the place to be, But all is see is your face, And you're facing me.
The Limit 03:39
They say the sky is the limit, Have they ever heard of Galileo, Why is 60 seconds a minute, When minute things could be up in it, I hope you don't mind, If I think about time a little, Just for a little time, In my little mind, Yeah, my brittle mind, If you just learned what they told you, You would know enough, But would you grow enough, If you just stay where they hold you, You won't get cold enough, That's why I'm growin' up, And I miss the warmth sometimes, The bliss is gone for life, I wanna push the limit, I wanna know my truth, Hop in a brand new Tesla, Swerve on a classic coupe, Maybe I'll talk 'bout Kemet, Maybe the Matrix too, Maybe I need more women, Baby, I'm just a NUPE, And I wanna know what's in your eyes, Cause that same glow is in mine, Has been for all the time, All the time, I hope you didn't mind, Cause I talked about time a little, Just for three minutes time, From my little mind, Yeah, my brittle mind.
Dimes and dollars I'd spend all of my dimes and dollars to make love with you Little did I know you were so hard to please Arm on my leg and you want my sleeve I woulda sold it for you I woulda sold it for you If you want it here you get a part of me But you don't show emotion til I'm bout to leave You say it's only for you You say it's only for you I throw my dollars in the sky Long with my problems way up high All them fall on bouncy thangs And so you're vibing wih me At least until the money stops falling down on the ground Well, girl get down, down, down Damn, I spent all my dimes and dollars Dimes You got dimes for dollars I got dollars for dimes I was dying to holla She was just trying to grind It's time I hope your manager don't mind I think he'll be fine With all of these dimes So let's ride I'll take you back to my hotel Sit back and recline For you will be mine tonight It's cool You get an extra room at the Embassy Suites In the morning I won't kick you out I'm in it to please I'm thinking that some yoga's what your energy needs Alright Let's stretch out this time Let's make love in rhymes Those dollars are backed anymore
Potential 03:19
Give up Just give up Boy, you'll never live up to your potential Slow your role Just slow it down Make realistic goals Cause you know this world is terrible Like a two year old Hey man, I used to have my dreams But, things ain't as good as they seem sometimes Hey man, I used to think up schemes But they didn't pan out Now I'm holding this pan out Damn, I got a mother that says she still loves me But when I call home she don't give me no money Fam acting funny And my old friends tell me keep going Like the energizer bunny But I'm running out, running out, running out You should've seen me, in elementary It was meant to be If I went missin, man They would've sent for me They would treat me tenderly Reach the pinnacle, seemed so simple, g Now, I stay solemnly Stugglin on a bended me Energy Negative I get gone and gone and gone and gone To ease the pain I took some some sedatives Maybe if I never lived (Naw, Naw, Naw, Naw) Maybe, Maybe (Naw, Naw, Naw, Naw, Naw) I fell into a coma (This life is a gift) (This life is a gift, man) I snapped out Why would I ever quit before I crap out Voices in my head, gotta drown them joints out When they say I don't hear yall No, I don't hear yall no mo Man, I don't hear yall It's beautiful I think it's beautiful I think you're beautiful I know you're beautiful I know I'm beautiful


The meaning of life.


released August 7, 2016

℗ 2016 Rich Music Foundation


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eRich St. Louis, Missouri

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